Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cringing with a Side of Amazingness

This will totally be one of those randomy posts where I just talk about whatever. Because I can do that since this is my blog.

First, let's talk about the fact that I found my old blog today while scouring the internet to figure out why Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes commented on my super angry late night blog post (the best kind of blog post, really,) to say congrats. I was confused. I was pretty sure I hadn't posted anything exciting that has happened to me on here or on twitter. What could I have done? While looking through the vastness know as the internet, I googled my blog's name to see if there had been some other blog post mentioning my blog, or something else of that nature. Guess what I found. I had found my really old and started in seventh grade diabetes blog. I looked at it and cringed. I cringed even more than when I look at my first post on this blog. And that's saying something.

I read through the whole entire thing and laughed at seventh grade moi. I had  my name as nautilus. (I didn't even have a capitalized 'N.' It was cool to type in all lowercase in 2010.) Did I mention that my obsession at the time of that blog's creation was the nautilus? My twitter username used to be 'nautilusofdoom.' (Wait, why did I just share that with the whole world?) I used those text emoticon thingies in almost all of my posts. I made a whole photo album on Photobucket about getting my Contour USB. I don't remember making any of these posts, but I obviously did. Seeing my old blog made me laugh and cringe* and it was a total #tbt in the most entertaining way possible. (I laughed even more when I found my other old blog from seventh grade. I was pretending to be super girly and care a lot about make up and fashion. You can ask any of my friends and I promise they'll tell you that I'm pretty much the opposite of that. I've since given up on trying. I also got a kick out of my attempt to sound vague, but also cool with my tumblr's name. 'Insecure Light,' Sarah? Really?)

#tbt to my first CGM picture on twitter
Well, now let's get back to the whole congrats-on-my-blog-post mystery. After laughing at myself for a while, I finally went on my main blogger page so I could start typing a post about my laugh worthy find. I clicked onto my main blog page and saw that one of the main sources of traffic to my blog was from Meri's blog. I clicked over to her blog and read through her Best of the Betes Blogs post and oh my gosh, my blog was on there! I was in total shock and I was in even more shock once I realized that I had one the art section of the post with my flow chart! (I also feel like this was pretty ironic, considering I'm the least artistic person in my family.) I feel so incredibly honored to have won in one of the categories. I always look at those posts and hope and hope and hope that maybe I will have won in a category, and for that to actually happen is pretty amazing. Thank you so much to the wonderful person that nominated my blog post. You rock.

Moral of the Story: Today has been pretty unexpectedly awesome.

*The most cringe-worthy thing I read on the old blog was this: "I will just post about my life as a diabetic and topics that align with the purpose of this blog." That sounds like a portion of a legal disclaimer or something. Why on Earth would I have thought to say something like that?

When was the last time that you accidentally found something cringe-worthy from your past?

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