Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Oh written late at night angry blog posts, I have missed you so much. You always seem to be the perfect outlet for my general distaste for stupidiots. I haven't been really annoyed at people for diabetes related reasons in a while, so I really should have seen this post coming. So today's topic that is causing me annoyance involves people's opinions of my diabetes. Let's begin.

If you want to have an opinion of my diabetes, you need to meet some criteria. Let me make this a simple chart of questions and answers, so if you are even attempting to think about having an opinion, you can easily figure out if you are able to have a valid and respectable opinion of the state of my diabetes at this very moment. It's even color coded, just for you!

Just follow the arrows and I promise you'll find your answer in less than 45 seconds!
I made this fantastic and high quality (and by high quality I mean made in pencil, erased repeatedly, traced over in pen and sharpie, then scanned) poster for anyone that has ever been given an unsolicited opinion about your diabetes. It will take the potential opinion giver maybe a minute to figure out whether their opinion should be said and will save you from a lot of annoyance. I really wish that I had thought of this sooner because someone today had the nerve to tell me that I was a "crappy diabetic" because my blood sugar was high. (387 to be exact.) I'm not sure what qualifies as a bad diabetic, but I'm pretty sure that having one high blood sugar during the day does not mean that I'm a "crappy diabetic."

And after he told me that, we then continued to argue over why he can't have an opinion on the matter. I told him that unless you have an actual knowledge of diabetes that is more than a) you used to get low blood sugar occasionally and b) you know that 387 is high, YOU CAN'T HAVE AN OPINION ON MY DIABETES. I attempted to repeatedly explain that no matter how hard I try, I can never have perfect control of my blood sugar. The highlight of this whole argument (for me, at least) was this: "You have your medical devices which do the same thing as your pancreas, so you should obviously have perfect control of your diabetes all the time."

Excuse me? Has your brain ever even thought about the fact that diabetes affects every single person with it differently? I can't just magically tell my pump to figure out my exact I:C ratios, ISF's, and basal rates and then correct everything for me. I go to my endocrinologist every three months for a reason, in case you didn't realize that.

Well now that I have ranted, I feel much better. These posts are really therapeutic. I really do recommend doing this to get out your anger.

Moral of the Story: You probably can't have an opinion on my diabetes. #sorrynotsorry

(And now I should probably go back to doing my homework.)


  1. Ha! Art can really help sometimes! :)

    1. It totally can! And I think I might have an idea for D-Art Day next year.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! I feel like my best blog creations are always made at the early hours of the morning when I'm super sleep deprived and stressed out.

  3. and "congrats"

    : )

  4. The Crappy Diabetic comment may have caused me to have a Non-Crappy Left Hook!

    1. That's pretty much how I felt during the whole series of conversations I had that day!

  5. So funny and so clever!!


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