Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A little yell-fest.

Sometimes, people annoy me to no end and no matter what I do, I just can't deal with them. So, I end up ranting and this happens:

Here's a list of things that I just really want to yell at the world right now:

a) Stop telling me about how your uncle has type 2 or how you friend's cousin's aunt's best friend died of complications. I don't really care. You telling me about how other people have died from the chronic illness I deal with every day of the year does not help me; It makes me feel like crap. I already worry if I'm even gong to wake up the next morning sometimes because of a sneaky low, so telling me about the unfortunate events your family members have gone through does not motivate me to be a better diabetic. It also doesn't help me 'connect' with you. It makes me want to escape from your presence as soon as possible.

b) DO NOT MAKE DIABETES JOKES IN FRONT OF ME. I do not care if you thought it was funny; joking about eating candy giving you diabetes does not lighten the mood. It just perpetuates stereotypes about diabetes and makes more people look at me oddly when I mention being diabetic.

c) Do not hesitate to give me candy because your friend would, "Eat whatever she wanted and then dial in more insulin since she was a bad diabetic, as you look at my insulin pump." I'm not your friend and eating then giving insulin through an insulin pump is not being unhealthy/uncontrolled: THAT IS WHAT A PUMP IS SUPPOSED TO DO.*

d) Don't tell me about how your friend had "brittle diabetes" and make jokes about it around me. There is no such thing as brittle diabetes and making diabetic jokes is insensitive and cruel. (See b.)*

e) Think before you say something rude and insensitive.

Moral of the Story: Rant = Over (For now, at least.)

*My current Spanish teacher did both of those things and I dislike her immensely for it.

(Also, I'm counting this as my kind of sort of post for the DSMA blog carnival for November; this rant applies to the topic. Here's the required text: This post is my November entry for the DSMA Blog Carnival. If you would like to participate too, you can get all of the needed information from here.)

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