Sunday, March 16, 2014


Life has been kind of weird lately. My mom went to the hospital twice because she has a kidney infection (don't worry, she's fine; she just went twice because there was some miscommunication/ misinformation involved with the first visit,) my friend freaked me out all day on Friday, I have a lot of schoolwork to do, my CGM has been giving me some really weird numbers lately, and this week has just been stressful. (But isn't every week stressful?)

I haven't been really productive homework-wise today. (I need to right 6 theses for practice for my AP World History Exam, I need to read over my AP Biology notes, I need to study some math stuff so I can finish my test on Monday, I have to read my AP World History textbook, and I need to work on some stuff for robotics.) I have, however, been productive, internet-wise. I have read through all 517 blog posts on my feed reader. (I may have neglected reading posts for about two weeks. Oops.) It was nice reading everything and getting caught up on everything happening on the internet. Today was pretty much a day for me to do absolutely nothing important and just think. I hate doing anything in silence, so I've been listening to one of my playlists on my phone. I've been kind of obsessing over 8tracks lately, so I put up a condensed version of my playlist on it. Below is the magical widget to my playlist if you don't mind listening to my really weird music taste. (And image credits for the cover go to Delaney Allen.)

In other, more diabetes related news, I went to the endo on Friday as well, and I have an A1C of 7.3% this month. (Apparently, it's the same as last time!) Both my nurse (I only see my actual endo once a year, the other three visits are mixed with my nurse and dietitian) and I were surprised that it was so low, considering that I keep running high in the evening, but it was definitely a pleasant surprise. My A1C always seems to surprise me, so I wonder why I haven't been expecting this kind of thing to happen. We also talked about how the Dexcom G4 was finally approved for pediatric use, and how I have been using my CGM "illegally" for about a year. She asked me how I liked it and was slightly surprised when I told her that I don't take breaks from wearing it. (I guess most teenagers don't like wearing it that much.) We also changed my basals and ISFs because I had four really weird ISFs and she wanted to get those down to only one or two different ISFs and then we brought my basal up, since it was so low before to compensate for my high ISFs. (One was one unit to 35 mg/dL.) Well, that's pretty much it when it comes to my endo visit.

Moral of the Story: I'm hoping this week will be a little more normal. (And normal does, in fact, exist!)

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