Friday, April 19, 2013


My blood sugars have been weird lately. "How have they been weird, Sarah?" You ask. Well, they have been...


I had been skipping breakfast because I didn't think I had time to eat anything. Tuesday morning (One day after having a horrible stomach ache/ nausea. Note: Thank you to the chemists that created Zofran. Another Note: The endo gives all diabetics Zofran prescriptions; no one wants a vomiting diabetic. Vomiting + Diabetes = DKA), I decided to eat some breakfast, chex mix and soy milk to be exact. Suddenly, I stopped having my morning spike. I also remembered to cover after school snacks/ pre-cover food, and now my blood sugars have been great.

I should probably change my sensor, but I'm lazy. Can you tell?
And by great, I mean not high. I've been constantly hovering in the 70's-80's. Sometimes, I will go low, I'll get to 80, then I'll go down again. My blood sugars won't go up for anything. Today, I went to the nurses office with a BG of 73. I went because my high school has two campuses separated by a practice football field; walking across a football field with an almost-low BG is not a good idea. I drank a large juice box, a caramel Level Life (I'm not endorsed by them, I swear. We were sent free ones because my Dad signed up for them to send us a free sample.), and peanut butter crackers. I had 63 carbs, covered none of it, and I only went up to 103. Don't ask me how stuff like this works because I have no clue.

Moral of the Story: Normal is really weird.


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