Sunday, December 4, 2011

I'm Back! (and unfortunately, not in black..)

So after not blogging for a long time, I decided to come black to the blogging community because my sister now has diabetes too and this community is so supportive. C:

So, my sister got diagnosed with diabetes 2 days ago. We caught it really early in her honeymoon stage, so she's not even on insulin yet. We caught it because she was doing a TrialNet study and her blood sugar was 292 after eating. Since then, we waited two weeks until she was finally admitted into the hospital. She stayed for one night and one day.

Pack from Eli Lily
Nowadays, children diagnosed with diabetes get a ton of stuff!
She got a kit from Eli Lily, which included a insulated case with a mesh pockets and places to put insulin and shots. It came with a log book, carb counter spinner, a Being Diabetic DVD, a free Humalog coupon for this year and next year, and a free Glucagon coupon with labels.
She also got a kit from BD which had syringes, alcohol swabs, lancets, glucose tabs and 4 booklets about diabetes.

Of course, she got Rufus the bear and his book, but she also got a kit from the JDRF, which had lots of booklets, but it came with a backpack.

Now that I think about it, I want a new Rufus bear because mine is lost, so I'm getting one for Hanukkah. It looks like this.

Hope you enjoyed my post, I'll keep you updated. C:

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