Monday, January 2, 2012

Okay, this time I won't bail...

Yeah, I haven't been on here since last month, but I will stay on this time! I promise.
Anyways, my pump sites (inset 30) have been really annoying these last three days. It leaked on the 31st and it just started leaking again today. I have no idea why, but my mom thinks it is because they are really old and since her closet's temperature is always weird, the plastic got worn down. I don't think that's what happened, but everyone can have their own hypothesis, right?

The front of Count BG or Blood ² if you are feeling mathematical.
I've been having "Infrequent Testing because of Break Syndrome" since school got out on December 20th. I only test about 4 times per day, which is bad, and my blood sugars are always a little weird anyways during a break.

I finally had to change my lancet, yesterday when I felt low, tested and my meter (Contour USB named Count BG. [Like Count as in Count Dracula as in Blood and BG as in blood, so the actual name should be Blood ² or you could take the name in its' literal form because it does count the sugar in my blood.]) read: 523. I was surprised because I have never felt low when high. I asked my dad what to do and he said to test it with a different meter. I decided to change the lancet and I got: 74. I tested one more time on Count Dracula and he said I was 69, so I treated for a low and moved on with life.

The back of Count BG/ Blood²
Moral of Story: Change your lancet more than once every 4-5 months.

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