Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lows, lows, and more lows..

I have been low all day. In fact, I am munching on glucose tabs as I type.

At 12 AM last night, I was 67. I had 4 glucose tabs and retested in 15 minutes. I was 61; I had more glucose tabs. I stayed up reading and tested an hour after(1:49) that because I was really shaky and nervous. Guess what I was? Low! I was 58, so I had more glucose tabs and moved into my parents' room to sleep because I heard a weird crashing noise. (Turns out it was the wind..) 15 minutes later, I was 63(at 2:01). I had more glucose tabs and consulted my mom. She told me to suspend my basal until my BG came back up. I went to sleep because at that point I was very tired. I woke at 5:20 feeling low and I was 46. Keep in mind that my basal had been suspended for three hours and I was getting no insulin.. I had more glucose tabs and resumed my basal.

At 11:19 AM, I woke up at 48! Yay! (More glucose tabs.) At lunch I was finally around normal (143) and covered my lunch. At 4:43 I tested and was 76. I had some wheat thins and did not cover them. 30 minutes later I was 50! (Insert more glucose tabs into mouth.) At dinner I was 106 (Yay, normal!) Now, an hour later I am 43. (Well, actually that was 15 minutes ago, now I am 70 [Barely in my range. :P])
My basal rate has gone from .775 to .675 because of all my lows. (It went down to.75 at 5 AM and down to .625 just now.)

And of course, the doctors won't talk to us because there are only two on call right now, since it is still winter break. :P

It's been fun, folks. < insert sarcasm here

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