Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Great Jumbled Mess

So you know how I've said repeatedly that late-night blog posts are the best? Well, I think I just found a blog post type to top even those: blog posts written after no sleep because of high blood sugar. Savor this one because (hopefully) blog posts like these will not be happening often. (Let's hope for everyone's sake that this doesn't happen again. Or I might be like this. All day. At everyone.) I'm sure you're wondering what exactly lead to these events, so I might as well tell you the whole story.

First of all, I've been terribly lazy when it comes to covering stuff. I'll just eat and won't cover it, even though I know I'll feel like crap later. It's stupid. It's probably burnout. I always already 300 and I ate a piece of my sister's delicious lemon meringue pie. (This was a very idiotic idea, by the way.) I covered 4 units (32 carbs) and it was probably waaaay more. (I haven't had sugary desserts in a while since I was a vegan for 3ish years, so that didn't help. I'm a vegetarian now, but back to the story.) Then I ate another one and didn't cover it. Why? I have no clue. It probably has something to do with burnout. Then I ate two bowls of semi-sugary cereal and didn't even bother to look at the carbs. Stupid me. Then I went to my room and I didn't test until 1:25 am and I was 394.

The old insulin in question and my CGM showing part of the lovely remnants of last night.
At first I just covered it and I went down to 240 about 2 hours later, and then an hour later I was still feeling terrible, so I tested and I was 292. UGH. (I think I changed my site at this point. And this is at 4:28 am, by the way.) At 5 am I was 283 so I gave the suggested bolus of 1.50ish units via syringe and tested 50 minutes later and was 271, so I tried giving 2 units (1/2 of the full correction) via syringe and with insulin from a new vial. 30 minutes later (AKA 30 minutes ago as I am typing this,) I was 168 and now, I happily have a down arrow on my CGM. After I stayed up all night, I figured out that the culprit was probably bad insulin.

This is the second time that my insulin has gone bad this summer, and I'm suspecting it has happened twice because I'm not giving as much insulin to myself. My lack of insulin giving = leaving cartridges in for 4 days which = insulin sitting in vial longer than usual, which finally leads to the end result of my insulin going bad. I finally gained the common sense to write the date that I started using the insulin on the vial, so I'll know when to stop using the insulin. This post is a jumbled mess. Oops. Late night rants are still better than this. This is just a confusing arrangement of words due to lack of sleep...

Moral of the Story: This is sleep deprivation at it's not-so finest. I think I might try to sleep now.

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