Friday, March 8, 2013

Longing for Camp

I'm one of those people that hates waiting; I'm probably one of the most impatient people you will ever now. Right now, I cannot wait to go to camp in June. I'm constantly telling myself that today is one day closer to Camp Kudzu. I'm ready to start wearing Nike shorts and t-shirts every day, put on bug spray and sun screen all the time, go canoeing and kayaking, (They are the best, and build arm muscles!) walk until I feel like my legs are going to fall off and then some, never have to worry about whether I need to make something for dinner or not, smelling the outdoors right when I wake up, dancing until my legs are about to fall off and I'm about to sweat out an ocean, and not being the only diabetic person within a ten mile radius. (Except for my sister, of course, but she's family!)

My cabin picture from last year; I'm the 4th from the left on the 2nd row.
If you are a kid/ teen or the parent of kid/ teen that doesn't go to camp for diabetics over the summer, I urge you to sign up. It might be late for this summer's session(s), but you should really check out your local camps. Camp is absolutely amazing because it let's people realize that they aren't the only one with diabetes and it lets those same people know that they can have tons of fun at a camp without having to worry about whether your diabetes will be understood. (One time I want to Girl Scout camp for a week, and the nurse that "knew" about diabetes made me stay in the nurse's building for two hour instead of going back to archery after a mild low. She wanted me to wait and eat lunch rather than doing one of the things that I love.) At camp, all of the counselors know about diabetes, some are even diabetic, and there are clinicians and endocrinologists there at all times.

The week of Camp Kudzu is the best week of the year for me because it is the one week where I can do whatever I want (in reason, of course) and not have to worry about my diabetes at all. I can be myself and have fun, worry free. If you are thinking about going to camp/ signing your kid up for camp, check out the Diabetes Education and Camping Association's camp directory to find a camp for diabetics near you!


  1. I used to make paper chains to help me get through the days before something great happened. One link for each day and every morning I'd cut off a link and my chain would be shorter. I hung it all around me room and I could watch it getting shorter and shorter.

  2. That sounds like a good idea, maybe I will do that!


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