Sunday, June 10, 2012

I'm Back! (Well, for a day...)

I'm back from camp, and I had tons of fun!
I got to climb a rock wall, go kayaking, do T-Rescues with canoes, tie dye, make a song about flushing the toilet, (long story) walk way too much, and be awesome with other diabetics!

I also put my pump site in my arm! I know people with Omni Pods do it, but I decided I wanted to as well! (And a lot of people seem to do it at camp.)

I should probably take it out, it has been there for five days.
Looking at the pictures, I can't seem to find any with me in them... I found my little sister, and everyone else in my cabin, but not me.

Was I really there, or was it a dream? *DUN DUN DUN*

I had a great week at camp, but now I am packing to go to Oregon from June 11 through June 18.

Moral of Story: I am going to collapse when I finally get home.

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