Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I used my last sensor for my G4 on Sunday night.

Sunday night, I only got one hour of sleep because I was worrying about not realizing I was low or this. (Yeah, that's enough to keep anyone up all night.) My blood sugar was actually pretty stable; I was 113 at 2:31 AM and 4:10 AM. I also forgot to cover lunch because my CGM's over 200 beep reminds me to cover, and I didn't have that to remind me.

Monday night, I went to bed and woke up on Tuesday feeling like I had the stomach flu. I tested my blood and I was 474. My CGM would have beeped at me/ I could have seen my blood sugar going up if I had checked my graph. Tuesday, I tested 8 times because of my paranoia about my blood sugars and not knowing where they were going. I went to bed at 287 and covered it. (I slept nine hours because I took 20 mg of melatonin.)

Gerard has been sitting in this glass pitifully unused.
This morning, I woke up at 440. I would love to see what my blood sugar is doing at night, so I could fix my basal rate, but I can't. I just lowered it because I was going low every night at 4 AM, so I don't want to change it back and risk sleeping through a low.

I am so reliant on my CGM, it isn't even funny. After my CGM trial, I had a nervous break down and started crying because I thought I was going to sleep through a low or worse. This little device is my life line, and I hate having to go without it. My insurance company only allows three boxes every month, so the new sensors can't ship until Friday, an they won't get here until Monday or Tuesday.

Moral of the Story: I hate this with a burning passion.

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