Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Stuff

Unless you read my blog posts on Google Reader, you have probably noticed that my blog looks different! (If you are in Google Reader, just click the link that is the title of this post above. It will open a new tab, don't worry!) Yep, I got a new theme. I was looking for something a little nicer, and after a lot of debating with myself, I chose to use this theme because it is orange and has cupcakes! Yay! (Aren't the cupcakes just adorable?) I'm sad to be retiring my llama font banner, but I think this theme gives my blog a nicer feel. C:

And the other new thing I have been waiting for for eight months...


I'm on a trial for a CGM!

I'm only on the Seven Plus because I don't think the under 18 crowd can use the G4 yet, but I'm still really happy. I've already done this to my old Vera Bradley ID holder. (It's in Sittin' in a Tree, in case you wanted to know.) I started off at the wonderful blood sugar of 391, and since I had to put in two blood sugars, I tested again. It said 402 and I put that into the CGM. I then realized that you can't put in blood sugars over 400 after looking in the manual, so I tested again and put in a blood sugar of 335.

It is kind of weird to have to keep it within 5 feet of myself; I have to carry it with me just to let the dogs out! As I was typing The above paragraph, I realized I was 20 or so feet away from the transmitter, so I ran over like a speed racer to get it. (At least as fast as a Sarah can go...)

If we don't return it, we have to pay $1000. Needless to say, no one hasn't returned it. 
I also have to document every single thing I eat, how much insulin I give, and any exercise I participate in. I am so excited about that. <insert sarcasm here So far, I haven't done that. (Shhh, don't tell the endocrinologist.)

My mom has to go to the endocrinologist next week to drop off the transmitter and sensor so my endo can analyze the data and then I will go to the endo on November 26, so my endocrinologist can tell us what the data says, fix my pump settings according to the data, and have a prescription written for my own Dexcom.

Moral of Story: Since I know have to robotic parts, I'm half borg, or to quote my mother:

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