Friday, November 2, 2012

Story Time!

Not so long ago (AKA Friday,) there was a person named me (My actual name is Sarah, but just go along with it.). I was sitting in the car contemplating. Why was I contemplating? Well, I was having blood sugar problems.


I was constantly high and my blood sugar would not go down. First, I changed her basal rate. It went from .675 to .700 units of Humalog. I was still high. Later on, I was laying in my bed; I just couldn't get to sleep. (I was even in a very comfy and warm position!) I tested my blood and I was still high.


* Ahem... Continuing with the story. *

Then, I decided I needed to wake up my dad; let's just say that he was not happy about being woken up at 12 AM...  After many complaints and lots of whining, I forced my dad to come with me to the kitchen. (My diabetes stuff is there.) I decided to give myself a shot, so I tried to draw up five units of Humalog. As I was putting the insulin in the syringe, it slipped out of my hand and broke. (I know what you're thinking, "Way to go, Sarah!" Well, in my defense, I was tired, high, and it was 12 AM.) After forcing my dad to do the dirty work (AKA clean up the insulin vial,) I grabbed another vial of Humalog. This time, I didn't drop the insulin, and I actually gave myself a shot! *YAY* I changed my site, and it looked normal. I took pictures in my zombie-like state, as any good blogger would, and went to bed. My blood sugars were a little high for most of Saturday, but after that, they came back down.

Moral of Story: I have no clue why my blood sugar was being so annoying. Stupid blood sugar.

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