Saturday, January 5, 2013

Being Sneaky

Certain times in our lives require us to be sneaky, one of those times is when you are at the movie theater. I went to watch Les Miserables with my friend, and I had to be very sneaky. (Side Note: Les Miserables was quite boring to me and was, frankly, a waste of 3 hours. But that is beside the point...)

I actually pre-bolused for 30 carbs of popcorn, but my blood sugar went up a lot anyways. My Dexcom buzzed once to tell me that my rise rate was 3 mg/dL, so I checked the screen and it said I was 194. I ignored it because I figured it was just the popcorn being carby and raising my blood sugar. A couple minutes later, it buzzed again because I was above 200, so I covered for 30 more carbs and went on with my life. I checked it again because I was bored, and the Dexcom said I was 294, so I checked my blood sugar.

Checking my blood sugar required a lot of sneakiness, since we were in a movie theater, and my blood tester just happens to shoot a bright beam of light out of the top. (I was trying to avoid a screaming lady situation.) After a few minutes of trying to hide it behind my tiny blood tester case, I worked up the courage to quickly prick my finger and put the blood on my test strip. I was 290.

I then had to cover my blood sugar, obviously, but that was a lot easier because my pump doesn't emit bright white light. I put it under my leg as it beeped, so the whole movie theater wouldn't hear it during the super-quiet moments during the movie. After that, my perils in theater were over. (At least diabetes-wise, the movie was extremely boring and I almost fell asleep three times.)

Moral of Story: The equation is still proven correct, Movies + Diabetics = High Blood Sugar

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