Monday, January 16, 2012

Only pumps are always by my side.

Since I dropped my iPod in the toilet and I needed an MP3 player to put my all state music on, we got me a Sansa MP3 player. (Did you know that the cheapest ones are $40?) I was listening to it while folding clothes, so I clipped it on the other side of my pants. I walked around and realized that it was awkward to have two devices attached to my body, so I decided to ditch the clip and put it in my pocket. And I proclaim: "Only pumps are allowed to be attached to my pants!" (Imagining myself on the balcony in a castle and a crowd of thousands cheering for me.)

Today we went to the movies because my mom was hosting her monthly book club. Let's just say I walked in at 88 and came out at 368.

Moral of story: Movies + Diabetic = High Blood Sugar. (The formula never fails..)

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