Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Pump Spirits are Haunting Me.

So, when I made my original blog, it had the same URL and it was about my journey untethered; on an insulin pen. (DUN.. DUN.. DUN..) Let's just say that I now appreciate my Animas Ping a lot more. My blood sugars are so much easier to control because of the accuracy and my stomach actually has time to heal after being poked and prodded at. (At least most of the time..)

"I appreciate you pump."
Anyways, today was the OFFICIAL Writing Test. (A.K.A The one that gets sent to the state to decide if you still need four more years of torturous writing classes. [Vocabulary word!]) So, today the Pump Spirits (Capitalizing for safety..) decided to get back at me. They made my pump site leak. (Once again, the Inset 30 is evil.[Not the Spirits, though. The Spirits are amazing!]) Therefore, I had to change my site in the counselor's office bathroom, (Did you know that they have hair straighteners in there?) and take the writing test separate from the rest of my class. (They pulled me out while everyone was silent, so it was really awkward.)

Then, while I was doing my homework, my sister's guinea pig decided to chew on my tubing, so I had to steal the tubing out of another pump site and waste one. (I changed my insulin while I was at it.)

Another pump site wasted..
In good news, I got my Inset pump sites Tuesday! That means (hopefully,) no more leaking sites. The one down-side to getting a new type of site? They need different caps for when I take a shower or go swimming. I mean, after all of the years I have been on a pump and now I have to change them!? < Insert sarcasm here.

New pump sites!
 The caps are pretty and shiny, though.. (Pretty pretty, shiny shiny..)

My cap container.
Moral of Story: Do not anger the Pump Spirits.
(You rock, Spirits!)

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