Thursday, January 26, 2012

I want stuff.

Right now, I am taking a break from homework. (Yes this is a legitimate break, I've been doing homework for an hour.)

My blood sugars have been going low around 10 or 11 PM for the last few nights and they stay low for 45 minutes- 1 hour.

Here are my blood sugars in order from Monday (1/23) night:
  1. 11:26- 62
  2. 11:37- 60
  3. 11:52- 49
  4. 12:02- 52
  5. 12:20- 86
The fact that we had no glucose tabs, juice, or any sugary food for me to eat, so I had to eat brown sugar from the bag probably didn't help either.. I woke up the next morning at 78. (SO much for the Dawn Phenomenon.. [Ha! I spelled phenomenon right on the first try!])

I also want to talk to my endocrinologist (I spelled that on the first try, too!) about getting a CGM, so I can see when my blood sugars are dropping before they go low. This will help me with the dumb A, B, and C Week schedules at school. (To "optimize learning potential" my school has three separate weekly cycles, which means different classes at the beginning, middle, and end of the day. It also means three different lunch times. A week: 11:59, B week: 1:05, C week: 1:20. Therefore, my blood sugars go low at different time because of each annoying, changed week. My mom is even thinking of having A, B, and C week basal rates!) <-- [Longest parentheses ever!]

I'm thinking of the Dexcom Seven Plus CGM because it is not a Pump/CGM duo (My pump's warranty doesn't expire until the end of this year.) and the sensor lasts seven days instead of just three. Then again, Animas is also coming out with a CGM/Pump duo, so I might want that as my new pump. (Animas has always been my pump company; I had the Animas IR 1200 before my Ping.)

I also want the One Touch VerioIQ meter because it looks really cool and can tell you trends. (Pretty, pretty, shiny, shiny.) There is a blog post on Six Until Me, which introduced me to it. (Did I mention she is an awesome poet?)

Moral of the Story: Sarah likes parentheses today, and can spell long words! (And I want stuff. [And I am having random lows. {A lot of them lately.} {Sorry, I wanted all three in one pair of parentheses}] [And now I need to finish my homework.])

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