Friday, January 4, 2013


I have an important announcement!
(No, it's not that I hit a record high of 10,000...)


My blog has hit 10,000 views! (Actually it's 10,036 as of right now.) It makes me very happy that so many people have at least glanced at my blog and maybe found some hope, laughs, or just important information.

So, this is a BIG thank you to everyone that reads my blog daily/weekly/monthly/annually because it means a lot to me.

All of these views let me know that what I write matters to people, and I have bragging rights to use against my family. (Take that, brother with 600 followers on Instagram!)

On a side note, my Dexcom sensor is working today; I'm not having problems, like yesterday...

Moral of Story: My readers rock!

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  1. Fantastic job... Congratulations Sarah!



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