Thursday, May 21, 2015

It's the Dexcom: Parenthetical Pediatric Edition

So now that I've had my mandatory mental breakdown, I think it's time for things to resume to their normal operations. So first let's go ahead and talk about my newish toy: the Dexcom with Share. It's actually the same thing as my old Dexcom. Except it actually charges and it seems to be more accurate than my old one. Maybe it's the software update? Whatever it is, I like it. I also have the special pediatric (in parentheses) edition because apparently there is a difference between the normal G4 with Share and the pediatric G4 with Share. (Update: there are two additional warning screens to tell me that my CGM is not 100% accurate. Because apparently that makes a medical device suitable for children?) I'm also hapy that Dexcom printed the 'Rx only' text on the back in a darker color so maybe potential thieves will get a clue and realize that what they are about to steal is a medical device. Not an iPod. (I can't believe I wrote that post as a freshman. Now I'm about to be a senior. Oh my gosh.) I digress. I haven't actually tried the all-important 'share' feature because I have a Galaxy S5 and having to carry around my iPod just to see my blood sugars seems kind of counter-intuitive. I am debating getting an iPhone because a) share app and b) the Apple health app looks so cool.

In other good news, Monica Vesci is coming back! The brand used to make tons of adorable clutches that had enough space for your diabetes and regular essentials. I always had my eye on their clutches, but they shut down their store for a while and basically disappeared. Now the brand is back and is soon starting up a Kickstarter to begin selling clutches again! I'll let you all know when clutches can be bought because I am super excited for these to be sold again. (FYI, I'm not endorsed by the brand, but I wouldn't be sad if they sent me a free clutch... #desperate) And also cute accessory/clothing related: I found out after buying some of J.Crew's chino shorts that their pockets are big enough to hold my pump! That means I don't have to wear my pump on my shorts all the time! YAY!

And here is my obligatory blurb about camp. Because it's about to be Summer and everyone knows that means Camp Kudzu! I have the amazing opportunity to be a CIT (Counselor In Training) for camp, which means I'm almost a counselor and I'll get my own cabin to be with during the week and I am so excited! I won't be going to cap with Anna because my parents accidentally signed her up for first session instead of second session, but I'm still super excited to be going. I can't wait to be back at camp walking way too much and having way too much fun! And did I mention that this year's music party theme is Disney? How awesome is that?

Moral of the Story: I'm currently in need of money for cute accessories and Disney themed attire. Donations to my non-existent bank account are appreciated and encouraged.

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