Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's Not an iPod!

The other day, I left my CGM in Scientific Research. (I didn't realize this at the time...) My AP Human Geography teacher got a call from the nurse because she had my CGM. I walked down to the nurse, she showed me my CGM, then I asked how she got it.

Apparently, the following happened:
  1. I left my CGM in Scientific Research.
  2. Someone took it to Gym.
  3. Someone went to the nurse for unrelated reasons.
  4. The nurse saw my CGM and asked the person about it.
  5. The person told the nurse that it was their, "friends," iPod.
Yes, I made a label for it.
Luckily, the nurse isn't as stupid as the world thinks she is.

Moral of the Story: My CGM is not an iPod. There is no Apple logo; when you turn it on, a graph shows up; and it says "Rx only" on the back.

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