Friday, May 30, 2014

Superheroes, Camp, and the Endo

So I went to the endocrinologist yesterday and my A1C was the same as last time. What demonic force has caused this? How do I go high almost every night but still maintain the same A1C? If anyone has the answers to these questions, it would be greatly appreciated. I've been going high at night because I'll forget to cover dinner and then it will all go downhill from there, so my endo told me to start covering at least half of my dinner before I eat so I at least remember to cover half of my food and don't go as high as I usually do after dinner. I put on my ankle brace last night because my ankle had been hurting and when I took it off this morning I had a weird rash and indentations on my leg and foot. The doctor saw it and told me not to wear it again because I'm probably allergic to something in the brace. So now we need to find me a new ankle brace. The doctor also signed my sister and my physical forms for camp, so now we have all of our forms and can actually go to camp!

Every year, Camp Kudzu has a dance with a theme and this year's theme is super heroes. At first my sister and I were going to go as the Wonder Twins, since people often ask if we are twins. (I'm 16 and she's 12. We're definitely not twins.) Then, another superhero (or technically super villain, but whatever) spoke to me. Deadpool. He's pretty much the most sarcastic villain you'll see. I can envision it now. Taco shirts + sarcastic buttons = amazing and entertaining for all. Or maybe we should be the Wonder Twins. I can see matching shirts, shorts, and bows in my future if we do that. That would be fun, too. Either way, camp is going to be amazing.

I am so excited for camp this year. We just got the packing list for camp today because it apparently got lost in my dad's email inbox, so now it's time for me to inventory what I already have and figure out what I want need for camp this year. This may include a new orange water bottle and matching Chacos. (I already own Chacos I don't actually need any... But I want some.) So basically excitement for camp incites a want for new, camp related stuff.

Moral of the Story: Maybe I should be the Joker instead...


  1. I'm going to Camp Kudzu for the first time this year! I'm 24, so I'm not going to be a camper, but still... I'll be at session 3 at Barney. I'm still working on my "hero" thing. I'm excited for camp, too!

    1. Session 3 at Barney is the best! I'm at session 1 because my school starts on the Thursday during session 3. You'll have tons of fun and you'll definitely have to tell me about how it was after you get back!


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