Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Queen of Klutz

Yep, I'm making another blog post because I am so bored.
Why am I bored, you may ask. Well, I broke my leg, so I cannot do anything exciting.

Well, here is the magical and enlightening story of how I broke my leg:

I was walking down the oddly shallow and wide stairs in the auditorium, tripped down two stairs (not two flights, just two stairs), and apparently I broke my fibula. (The bone in the back of your calf.) I just thought I sprained my ankle or something of that nature because I could still walk on it. It was painful, but not excruciating or anything that felt like death. I walked to the nurse, got ice, and walked back to the auditorium. I also had to walk across a football field and more because my high school used to be a middle school and a high school, but it is one huge school with tons of concrete, and a football field in between the two schools.

I have to wait until Monday to get a real cast on, and I am hoping that I will get a cast I can walk in because it is impossible to get around my school in a decent amount of time using crutches.

Moral of Story: Don't trip down stairs.

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