Saturday, August 18, 2012

Super Saturday #1

I've decided to make a new blog ritual called Super Saturday, where I post cool and awesome things, some D-Related, some not! Let's get started!

Clothes // I love this shirt because, well, I love cats. If only I could buy it...
via The Dainty Squid
Animals // I love these ads so much, isn't this pig just adorable? I can't buy designer (obviously), but this is still extremely cute!
via Purseblog, from Bloomingdales
Blogging // I have known about this print forever, and just had to share it with you guys! It's true, isn't it? C;

Blog Post // I love this post because it is true! I have a bad case of diabetes brain as well, do you?
via Diabetesaliciousness
D-Related Awesome Thing // I still want this adorable stuffed pancreas, I mean, who wouldn't? It is also on sale... *HINT HINT*
via i heart guts
Just Plain Cute // Isn't this sunshine just a, well, ray of sunshine? :3

via Tumblr, from imgfave

So, that's it for the first installation of Super Saturday! I hope I made you smile! C:

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