Sunday, August 12, 2012

I Have a Quiz for You!

I have a brilliant quiz for all of you pumpers out there that truly want to gauge your laziness.

Well, hopefully you aren't so lazy that you don't want to even take this quiz...

  1. How many days do you leave in your site?
    • 2-3 Days
    • 3-4 Days
    • Whenever it comes out...

  2. When do you change your cartridge?
    • When my 2-3 days are up.
    • When the 30 units or less alarm goes off.
    • When I run out of insulin.

  3. Do you forget to give yourself insulin before/after eating or when your blood sugar is high?
    • Once in a billion years.
    • Occasionally.
    • When did I last give myself insulin? 

  4. You run out of insulin at a party, what do you do?
    • Go home immediately and get more.
    • Wait a few minutes to say bye, then leave.
    • Wait until the party is over.

  5. When do you change your pump's battery?
    • As soon as the low battery alarm goes off.
    • I wait a few days, until the alarm gets really annoying, then I change it.
    • When my pump actually dies.
 So here are the results:
  • If you chose mostly the first answer, you are super un-lazy, and awesome, or you lied. I kind of suspect the latter.
  • If you chose mostly answers in the middle, you are balanced between lazy and perfect.
  • If you chose mostly the last answer, you are too lazy for your own good. Try and do better.
Moral of Story: I think I am pretty balanced, what are you?

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