Saturday, January 11, 2014

Most Used Word in This Post: Whoa

I hope you weren't expecting anything magical or mind-blowing post-wise now that I've said I will attempt to start blogging again. Nothing astonishing is happening in my life diabetes-wise. I go low and high sometimes, but whats new? I'm finally getting a new medic alert bracelet. (Mine has rust on it, so it's probably time to get a new one...) Is that exciting enough for you? And while I'm on the topic of getting a new medic alert bracelet, do you think I should get the blue, purple, or black version of this bracelet? I'm leaning towards purple, but I'm always indecisive, so your opinion would be appreciated. (Unless you find a better bracelet that I don't have to take off in the pool or when doing physical activity. Then suggest that.)

I'm currently listening to music and attempting to figure out what important, relevant things I should type. So far I've come up with nothing. I'm currently flat lining at 167 and not covering it since my blood sugar ends to go done overnight and if I cover anything below 200, I tend to go low. I should probably either lower my nightly ISF or basal. Since it goes down even when I don't cover, I might lower my 12 AM to 6 AM basal. 

I also finally got a new pump clip for my pump. Animas's pump clips break a lot (at least for me,) so we have to order them frequently. You would think my dad would have ordering supplies from Animas down to science since I've been diabetic for ten years now. WHOA. WAIT. THAT'S WHAT I SHOULD TALK ABOUT.

I've been using all of this stuff for a long time.

I have been diabetic for 10 years. A decade. 2/3 of my life. WHOA. That is a long time. We don't remember the exact date I was diagnosed since I was diagnosed when I was 5 years old. I just remember that it was during winter break and I the one thing I remember is forcing the doctors to let my mom give me my first shot. It's ind of insane that I don't remember life without diabetes, but I think that is probably a good thing. After all, I can't remember what being "normal" feels like, so I have nothing to look back at a remember how great it was being non-diabetic. I guess diabetes is pretty much part of my personality since it's been around most of my life. 

If you do the math and assume that I test my blood 6 times per day (which isn't true, but works out for days when I tested more because of lows, which balances it all out,) I have tested my blood 18,980 times.I have changed my pump sites 1,096 times.That is a lot of plastic and needles. I guess you could say that diabetes isn't really helping America's excessive trash problem. 

It amazes me that during my ten years of being diabetic, I have only been to the hospital twice for diabetes. I was in the hospital once for my diagnosis in kindergarten and then in the hospital in fourth grade because I was throwing up and had ketones. (Thankfully I have zofran to avoid that situation now.) I remember a doctor or nurse telling me that she was impressed with me because I haven't been to the hospital as a teen for diabetes, since so many teens go to the hospital for having excessive highs and ketones. That has stick with me and makes me kind of proud. (But don't feel bad if you have been to the hospital as a teen for your diabetes; I completely understand the suckiness of diabetes burnout and sometimes diabetes is just really annoying.) That's all that I can really put into words for now.

Moral of the Story: WHOA

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