Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Pin

Every Friday, I wear a certain pin. Sometimes people think it is a tiny blue island from Adventure Time; other times, people think think that it is just some weird blue amoeba. I get questions about it every time I wear it. "What is that?" "Why are you wearing that?" Having people ask questions is the point of wearing the pin. After all, I wear the pin for Blue Fridays.

Blue Fridays is an initiative started by Cherise to raise diabetes awareness. All you do is wear blue every Friday to show your support for diabetes awareness. You might wonder how wearing blue could possibly raise awareness. Well, it's quite simple. People eventually start noticing that you keep wearing this little blue pin, a blue shirt, or even your favorite blue earrings every Friday. Soon enough, someone becomes curious about this and asks about why you wear blue every Friday. Then you explain the premise of Blue Fridays and educate them about diabetes. That's how Blue Fridays work. It seems almost too simple, but that is the beauty of the initiative.

The aforementioned pancreas pin being worn. I recommend buying one.

I love Blue Fridays because it's an easy way for me to teach others about diabetes without being in their faces or wearing a shirt in all caps saying, "ASK ME ABOUT MY DIABETES!!!" Doing that could make you seem just a little too excited about having diabetes. (Unless you're into those kind of shirts. Then go for it!) Blue Fridays let me be subtle, but also informative about my diabetes.

The whole subtlety factor of the initiative kind of helps balance out my not-so subtleness. Once you ask about it, I'll either give you a quick one sentence summary of why I wear the pin, or I'll go on and on about stuff if I think you'll actually listen. I pretty much do the same whenever someone asks about my pump, CGM, or blood tester. (So you've been warned if you ever see me in public and dare to ask about any weird looking thing attached to my body.)

There's nothing more I can really say about Blue Fridays, besides that is a fantastic initiative that anyone and everyone affected by diabetes should participate in.


  1. I love your little blue pancreas pin!! (I think I need to buy one myself.) And I love all of the advocating you do even more. :)

  2. I have this pin, too! I love wearing it. :)

  3. I love and need a blue pancreas pin:) Thank you for advocating for diabetes, raising diabetes awareness and supporting Blue Fridays! YOU ROCK!


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