Thursday, October 11, 2012

In Detail: Site Changes

I want to start a new, weekly feature on my blog called In Detail. This feature will show many pictures of some of the most simple things that diabetics do, like site changes, testing your blood, and other habitual things for diabetics. Some of these might be picture heavy, so if you don't like tons of pictures, brace yourself.

In Detail: Site Changes
I'm at zero units and my pump keeps beeping; I guess it's time for a site change!
First, I get a inset. (They are gray because my dad cannot hear things...)
Then, I grab a cartridge.
I've got to have IV Prep, or my site will fall out.
Insulin is also pretty important...
Filling up the cartridge and watching Drake & Josh is very important.
I never realized that Rewind was called Rewind Motor...
Now I prime; I used to be scared of doing this.
My shiny gray pump site is officially attached to my stomach.
And now I must throw away the byproducts of a site change.
Well, thanks for looking at my site change in more detail!

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