Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Magic Known as IV Prep

A lot of people are complaining about how their sites seem to be coming out easily during the Summer, so here is the solution to your problem:

IV Prep

The magical thing known as IV Prep.
Yes, IV Prep is this magical wipe, just like an alcohol swab, but it is sticky!
Just put it on after you use your alcohol swab, and then put your site in while it is stick, and Ta-Dah! Your site will stay in for three days!

You can buy it for $10 here.

Moral of Story: IV Prep is almost, but not quite as magical as unicorns.


  1. I WANT IV Prep to work for me, but it actually gives me hives. Weird, right?

    1. Aww, that is weird. Have you tried Skin Tac? That is the other IV Prep-like stuff that people use. C:


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