Monday, April 16, 2012

Yay, break time!

What goes on in the mind of a teenage diabetic during standardized testing:

The night before:
  • Ugh. I should have covered that snack. I better test my blood, so tomorrow is less hectic.
  • Not that bad, I better cover it.
  • WAIT! Why do I feel low?
  • *tests blood* Never mind, 118.
The morning of:
  • PLEASE BLOOD SUGAR GODS: Give me good blood sugars today.
  • Oh, that's good, 143.
  • UGH, now I have to test it again for the nurse, even though it has only been 1 hour since I ate.
  • Yes, I'm still good!
 During the test:
  • Oh no, I feel low.
  • WAIT it might be because I am reading a restaurant menu for part of the reading section.
  • Valid point, Sarah.
  • I want to go on Tumblr.
  • I'm glad I took so long to check my work, It is break time!
During the break:
  • FOOD!!!
During the second half of the test:
  • ...
  • I'm still hungry.
And that's it!

Moral of Story: I have some interesting stories to share with you guys later...

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