Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm such a rebel!

Look at me, being rebellious not going to school, blogging instead.
I am so cool!

Just Kidding!

Even though I sometimes do want to skip school, I won't because my parents would stab me if I ever did. (Yeah, that is my motivation to stay in school, that I hate getting in trouble, and I want to be a vet, which involves going to school. So really, that isn't my main motivation.

Really, how does that happen?
I'm sitting at home in my pajamas because I have high blood sugar AND large ketones. YAY!

My pump site went bad last night, so I changed it, but I think that one went bad because I woke up at 414, and the cannula was bent in a U shape.
I would really like to hear someone explain how that is even possible. (It sounds complicated.)

So, now I am sitting at home, drinking water, going on the internet, and waiting for my blood sugar to go down. Then I can go back to school.

Moral of Story: I'm not actually a rebel, and I don't like the letter U.


  1. I wish I was hardcore enough to stay home when I need to. I have an awful habit of going to work when I'm D-sick, because I feel like it shouldn't count.

    You're more of a rebel than you think you are -- in a good way. :)

    1. You should really try, because sometimes you just need a day off because of your diabetes.
      I know highs and lows sound normal to us, but the rest of the world would want us take a sick day!

      Thanks so much! C:


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