Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quicktastic Post

What does this fantastic word "Quicktastic" mean?

Well here is the official Saraheese Dictionary Definition:
Quicktastic- Adjective -
A something short and quick to read or listen to that is amazing or fantastic.
Wow, Sarah's new blog post was sure quicktastic!
(Wow, I just used all three word emphasizing elements, bolding, underlining, and italicizing!)

So now that you know what "Quicktastic" means, now we can venture on into this quicktastic post!

I was making microwavable Pad Thai for dinner (I'm a great cook, aren't I?) and you have to pop holes into the plastic wrap before microwaving it. When I did this, it made a loud popping noise, so my dad asked,
"Are you breaking something?"


Me: Yes, I just break things when I get bored. No, I'm making Pad Thai and you have to pop holes in the plastic wrap.

Father: Oh, it just sounded like something was breaking.

Me: Yeah, I break things when I get bored.

Me: Yeah, I got bored when I was four, so I broke my pancreas."

To which he replied, "You should put that in a blog post!"

So, now you are reading the product of that conversation.

And Yes, my dad approved of the sarcasm in the conversation above.

I <insert name here> approve of the above sarcasm.

Yes, that was typed by my dad.

Moral of Story: Guess were I get my sarcasm.

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