Thursday, September 1, 2016

I Guess I'm in College Now

Well hello everyone. Since I'm posting this you can now rest assured that I am still alive after my first (almost) month of college. Do I like it so far? Absolutely not. Will I survive anyways? Probably. My first weeks of college have definitely not been my favorite weeks of my life. Let's just say I cried and called my parents almost (sometimes simultaneously!) every day the first week. I still haven't finished my Diabetes for Dummies binder for my roommate and I'm running behind on everything else, too. That's college for you though, isn't it?

Rush week was exhausting, but also super fun. I was worried that I would be low all the time, since everyone is constantly walking to new houses in the hot August sun. Thankfully, there were snacks at all of the houses throughout the week, so that never happened and I got to stockpile a bunch of snacks. In case you aren't familiar with rush, it's basically a week of speed-dating to find find a group of girls you get along with and are similar to, so you end up in the right sorority. Rush days can run from 6 AM to 7 PM some days. To add to the stress, you have to be asked back to by the sororities, so there is a chance that even though you paid to participate in the entire week of rush, you may not be allowed to. I did end up getting into a sorority, which I loved, but I dropped out because I'm not all about the #collegepartylifestyle and the cost of being in the sorority was too much for me to justify right now. (Plus I don't have enough time at the moment.)

Besides rush and crying episodes, my life hasn't been too exciting. I missed my first 8 AM class Monday and I blame the fact that for the last month, my blood sugar has been low and it takes until 1:30 or 2 AM to go to bed, and then I'll get up and be low again. It's awful. My friends from camp recommended eating something with protein before bed and starting a -10-20% temp basal to make sure my bg doesn't drop, so I'll be trying that ASAP. Let's cross our fingers and hope that works because I'm exhausted by all of these lows. (I guess on the positive side, my A1C is probably great because I'm low all night...) Update: my blood sugar has now been running high for the last two days. Go figure.

The aftermath of a month of lows: juice boxes, granola bars, and two empty jars of glucose tabs.
I'm getting involved in UGA's College Diabetes Network chapter, as well as Wesley, choir, quiz bowl, viola lessons, and probably 20 other things I've forgotten, so I'll be sure to update you all on how those are going as time goes on.

Moral of the Story: I'll let you know when college becomes fun.

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  1. Oh sister, if college isn't fun yet, you need to take a break form the books. Remember, at college (like life) you have to make your own fun.


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