Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Necessary & Proper Adjustments

You know how there is always the tiny caveat in the fine print on the registration page for that new yoga class you're dying to take or at the end of that article you just read about running? The one that tells you to, "consult a doctor before participating in physical activity." Yeah that one. You know else they need? One that tells you to consult yourself before you participate in physical activity.

I'm enrolled in online gym and health (it's about as exciting as it sounds) because of scheduling issues at my school because I'm in chorus and STEM at my school. I'm required to keep an exercise log throughout the class which means that I actually have to do more than yoga, since I have to participate in physical activity that gets my heart rate to my 'target range.' Today I innocently decided to try running.

I put on an old t-shirt and my trusty (read: 4 years old) norts and laced up my Nikes (read: also old) to prepare for my run. I decided to bring our chiweenie with me, so I sneaked the leash past our fast asleep Yorkie and our preoccupied outside Heinz 57 and ventured outdoors with the dog. My blood sugar was 152 and my CGM said gave me a , so I assumed I was good to go. Wrong.

This may be completely irrelevant, but who cares? I like it.
I spent 34 minutes torturing myself walking and running with the dog and was exhausted/ hot/ sweaty/ thirsty/ miserable. I took a shower for obvious reasons (see aforementioned sweaty) and went to my room to call the local Apple-fixing store to see if they could explain an issue I'm having with an old iPhone. As I was struggling to read the IMEI number off of the back of the phone to type it in, I realized I was probably low. (I think Apple uses size 3 font on their phones.) I checked my blood sugar and there was an unpleasant number on my blood tester: 32.

I freaked out and ate about 90 carbs consisting of two juice boxes, a slice of peanut butter toast, a banana, and an unknown amount of pringles, in that order. That probably wasn't the wisest of decisions, but at the time it felt right. (This sounds like someone explaining a bad decision. Oh wait...)

What I'm trying to say is: adjust your insulin or eat something before you decide you're going to start your next health kick. Otherwise, you'll end up, as my mother so eloquently puts it, "inhaling everything without covering it."

Moral of the Story:  +  = 

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