Thursday, September 25, 2014

Standardized Tests

Standardized tests don't like my pancreas. Or maybe my pancreas doesn't like standardized testing. Either way, it just does not work out well for me. I had issues with CRCT (standardized grade level test required to go to the next grade) in 8th grade. And my AP Biology Exam last year. And my Georgia High School Writing Test today.

Today, we had to take the tedious, but otherwise super-easy Georgia High School Writing Test, along with every other junior in the state of Georgia. Sounds fun, right? No? Well imagine writing about an awful state-created prompt and then being low in the middle of testing. Now become a sixteen year old girl and you're me! Amazing!

My teacher had to email the administrative staff, then the nurse had to come to my class so I could leave and then I inhaled a 35 carb bottle of apple juice and two or three Reese's peanut butter cups. Delicious? Yes. Well-timed? No. Annoying? Most definitely.

Diabetes is a roller coaster of fun!
It's a little weird to think about the fact that I'm going to have diabetes and never ever have a break from it. That sucks. But that's why there's twitter, the DOC, blogs, and large bags of vegan cheddar cheese popcorn and youtube exist. Right? I sure hope so because those seem to help me feel better about the whole thing. Burritos are also super helpful in these instances.

Also, I have been going low all the time this week. I'm in the nurses office at least twice daily to get a juice or sit up there for 30 minutes because I feel like I'm going down really quickly. It sucks. I'm going to lower my basals, but my dad should be faxing in my blood sugars to the endo tomorrow, so maybe they can help me out. I sure hope they can because being low all the time is very tiring.

Moral of the Story: Diabetes is a random basket of fun. All the time. Just like this blog post.

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