Monday, July 8, 2013

A Scary Low

I woke up today feeling really high; I tested and my blood tester said I was 72. I tested again to make sure it was working and I was 70. A few minutes later, I went to get some juice. I drank some and then my mom asked me to unload part of the dishes. I already felt bad, but once I started unloading, I had to lay down. I told my mom I was low and lied down. I tested again and was 70.

I felt like I was in the 20's by the time I had gotten in the car. I could barely sit up, so I was lying down in the seats. I had a second juice and could barely eat the quarter of a cliff bar and cereal that I did eat. I literally had to force myself to speak and eat anything. I turned my basal off for 30 minutes then completely disconnected my pump for about an hour. I even asked my mom if we could give me a mini-gluc. (Basically, you use a regular syringe to draw up the amount of units of glucagon needed, which is one unit per years of age. For example, I'm 15, so I would get 15 units. This is only for kids 2-15 years of age.) She told me to wait 30 minutes and not eat anything, since I was 79.

These are not innocent numbers anymore. The 70's are not good, at all.
I finally started to feel better after just sitting for a while. I tested and was 110. Before eating a snack 2 hours later, I was 316.

I have no clue what happened and it was one of those really scary lows that I just want to forget and have never happen to me again. I was wondering if I needed to go to the hospital and how they would treat my blood sugar.

Moral of the Story: Weird things always happen when I'm not wearing my CGM, so if I don't get my sensors tomorrow, someones going to get hurt.


  1. Yeesh! Those stubborn lows are the absolute worst. I'm sorry. And what a rough rebound, eh? You must have felt totally wiped out.

  2. Sorry to read about your low, and then the high after. But it looks like you did everything exactly like you needed to. So, in a way, Success! Glad you're better.


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