Saturday, June 8, 2013

Back From Camp

Well, I am officially back from Camp Kudzu, and I already miss it; I woke up this morning feeling sad because I was in my full sized bed, not the tiny, uncomfortable twin sized bed in my cabin.
Camp was an amazing experience, as always, and I'm already counting down the days to camp for next year.

I had the absolute best counselors ever and the best campers in my cabin, as well. We had tons of fun doing all of our activities. We had tons of fun on the zip line, playing reverse volleyball (you try to keep the ball in the air as long as possible), geocaching, and doing so many other things.
Here is the least embarrassing picture of moi at camp, making a shrinky dink.
For dimensions (which is an after dinner program for teens), I chose to participate in canoeing and kayaking. I ended up having dimensions with two of my counselors and another camper in my cabin and two counselors from the 16 year old boy's cabin (we were friends with them), plus a few other people from other cabins. We all ended up being pretty close and we were always making fun of each other. (In a friendly way, of course.)

Before meals, when we had some extra time to wait, my cabin and Cabin 29 (the previously mentioned boy's cabin) played some fun games of Ninja. I fell on the ground a few times and was beaten most times, but it was so much fun and totally worth the scrapes.

I also learned the movements to the cup song, which is tons of fun to do.

Moral of the Story: 359 days until camp.

P.S: I'm pretty sure Abby was partially my clinician. That was pretty cool, too.

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  1. Ah! Cool! Was that the first time you have met Abby?


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