Monday, April 1, 2013

HAWMC Day One: Getting Started

Today's Prompt:
Tell us a little bit about why you write about your health online and what got you started.
Apparently I saw the future, sub-consciously, so I've already written something that would fit into this category. I wrote it for my "About the Blog" section of this page, and I can't find a better way to word a response to the prompt, so here it is!

This blog was originally made when I was in sixth grade, in 2009. I was inspired to make a blog because my dad introduced me to Lee Ann's blog. In fact, I couldn't come up with a name, so I tried to call my blog "The Butter Compartment," as well. My dad then explained to me that using that name was stealing and that I needed to come up with my own blog name. After much thought, I came up with "Insulin Pens Don't Have Ink." I called my blog this because I had just made the decision to try insulin pens, rather than using my pump. Soon, I shut my blog down because I was only reading two blogs at the time, (Now I am reading tons of blogs, check them out here.) and I was discouraged because only a few people reading my blog. (Views were not why I started my blog; I just didn't have any inspiration for posts.) A few years later, I realized that I wanted to blog again, so I made this blog and used the same title, even though I am back on my pump. I've been blogging since my sister was diagnosed with diabetes, and I haven't turned back! Today, I write because I want to show other people that diabetes doesn't have to be just a burden, it can bring a little bit of good to their life, as well.

Well, that is it for today; stay tuned for tomorrow's post!


  1. I'm very glad to have your voice in the mix, Sarah. Don't pay attention to your blog traffic or number of readers. Your blog might be the thing that resonates for someone out there and gets them to a better place.

    Keep writing and keep telling your story! The world needs you! :-)

  2. And by the way, I love the name you chose for your blog. :-)

  3. Hi Sarah! I'm so honored that you found my blog inspiring, and I thought it was funny that you liked the name of my blog so much that you wanted to use the name. The name you came up with is very clever though, and it's awesome that you're blogging. There aren't enough t1 teens blogging about diabetes, and this is a wonderful resource for other young people with t1.

    Like Scott said, don't be discouraged about how many people are visiting. Even among a few readers, you can have readers who look to you to feel connected and not feel alone with diabetes, and that's really important. Occasionally, I see people looking for blogs by teens, and I'm happy to know I can point them towards your blog :)

  4. Scott- Thanks, and I have learned as I blogged more that blogging isn't about the views, it's about what you are doing for other people; even if it's just two people.

    Lee Ann- Thank you for the complement, it means a lot! When my dad told me i couldn't call my blog that, I had to sit and stare at the computer for ten minutes before I came upwith this name, and I'm glad I did!


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