Friday, July 6, 2012


Remember approximately 3.8 months ago?
If you said that it was when I went to the Endocrinologist last, you were correct!

I didn't actually complete anything on that list because the Endo didn't have the Verio IQ yet, they were supposed to put me on the CGM list, and I forgot to ask about a blood ketone monitor.

This time, I got...
A One Touch Verio IQ!
(And the crowd goes wild!)

Yay! I am really excited to get this meter! I even had to get quizzed on why I wanted the meter. I told her (the nurse) it was because it could show me patterns. It was the correct answer.

My new meter. Does anyone have name ideas?
She is also going to tell the lady in charge of CGMs about me, so we will be getting a call next week. (She is on vacation right now.) Whee!

I also asked about the blood ketone monitor. They didn't have any, but she is going to ask the people [in charge of ketone monitors (Oh my gosh, I figured out how to use brackets! Yay!)] next time they come for some more.

In the elevator to the exit, we met a lady with a Dexcom, so I know I am destined to get it. 

Oh, and if you wanted to know my A1C, it is 8%.

Moral of the Story: I'm going to get lots of stuff. C:

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  1. Free stuff from the endo. Only diabetics would love this. :-P


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