Tuesday, March 13, 2012

And the results are in..

My A1C is currently...
*drum roll please*

I know most adults would be groaning at this, but my endocrinologist wants my A1C at 7.5%, since I am still growing, and my blood sugars will be fluctuating as I grow.
My appointment went well, and I asked about getting a CGM, and they said I have to have a special appointment with their CGM specialists, and my name will be given to them. So, eventually I will have a CGM.

My pump, with an Ice Bat, to add to its awesomeness.
My little sister, who was diagnosed in December, is in need of more testing and remembering to give insulin.
Her A1c went from 5.4% at diagnosis, to 7.7%!  That is plus 2.3% within three months.
It is probably because she doesn't test her blood sugar until lunch, and forgets to cover stuff.

I try to remind her, but she doesn't like it when I do so, after all, I am the older sister.

Hopefully my endeavor to get a CGM will go well, and my sister will get better at managing her diabetes.

Moral of the Story: 7.5% is good! (For me, at least...)

P.S. I also convinced the endocrinologist to write me a prescription for VerioIQ gold test strips, so a new meter is in my future...

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