Tuesday, March 6, 2012

School Advocacy

I've wondered since the beginning of this year, "Why don't we have a Walk for Diabetes at my school?" We have Relay for Life (American Cancer Society,) Jump Rope/Hoops for Heart (American Heart Association,) and Pennies for Patients (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) But never has my middle school done anything for the JDRF or ADA. (My elementary school, on the other hand, switches between Jump Rope for Heart, and Walk to Cure Diabetes every year.) No Walk to Cure Diabetes or anything to even recognize the existence of diabetes.

Isn't sad when I have to tell people I don't have the "fat kind" of diabetes?
I'm not trying to stereotype type 2 diabetes, because it can definitely just be genetic, but that's the only way I can explain what type I have.

My metal for collecting the most money from my school.
I really want to figure out some way to get the word out about type 1 diabetes, because we always hear about type 2 during the yearly heart health assembly, but no one ever mentions type 1 diabetes.

I want to have at least an assembly to talk about type 1, and have a donation box or envelopes sent home for donations.

I remember in 5th grade, when I raised over $700 for the JDRF because I could walk around and play the, "I'm diabetic, so this could change my life/sympathy" card to raise money. I could do that again, by myself, but what if my whole school could say, "A girl at my school has diabetes, so could you donate money that could help change her life?" Imagine how much money that would get the JDRF!

I think I might talk to the principal about it.

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