Friday, March 2, 2012

Good Poetry.

3 clocks at different times; I need to change my cartridge; I have only 9 units; this is a good picture.
I woke up as usual, *la la la la la, I'm a person*
took my Synthroid; 125 mg to be exact.

I went to school, and before eating a highly nutritional meal of eggo cereal and apple juice,
I tested my blood.

I was 286 at 8:56;
I figured: It's just the occasional high, just eat breakfast and cover it.

I had 68 carbs.
I covered 12.25 units.

I then realized: my pump site leaked.
I told my teacher and went to the nurse.

I replaced my site,
and it bled.

I was forced to call my mother,
because APPARENTLY having a spot of blood on your front-upper thigh is unacceptable.

I replaced my stained grey pants with teal ones,
and covered 6.15 units to cover half of what I "gave."

I was hungry at 11:38, so I ate
a clif bar.

It was yummy, but I realized I should test my blood.
I was 434.

Apparently, I covered 6.15 units again.

It was lunch time, 1:32 PM;
I was 405.

I was going to go up to the nurse, but I didn't want to test for ketones, or change my site,
so I covered 30 carbs and my blood sugar before lunch.

I didn't realize until science that I needed to cover the rest of lunch,
so I did.

Did I mention that in the middle of math, my pump beeped because I had less than 30 units in it?
It was during a test.

I tested again at exactly 4:30 PM,
I was 81.

I ate some food and didn't cover it.
I was 108 1 hour and 59 minutes later.

I had PB & J at my friends house.
I forgot to test my blood.

I have a robotics competition tomorrow,
and that's it.

Apparently this blog is my silver award project.
There is also a tornado warning here.

I hope you enjoyed my poetry.

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