Friday, February 17, 2012

Catalog of Cool Diabetes Related Stuff

Yes, I have found some awesome diabetes stuff, so I am making a catalog of it all for future reference!


Tandem t:slim Pump
"An insulin pump that’s sized like a credit card, Tandem’s color-touchscreen t:slim is today’s slimmest, sleekest  insulin pump—up to 25% slimmer than others."
- Tandem Website.
 This pump is a touch screen pump that looks more like an iPhone than a pump. It looks sleek, hi-tech, and expensive. I like it because, and I quote my friends on this: "...Look like a video game from the 80's." (That's what they said about my Animas Ping.) Good thing my pump warranty expires this November. C: And yes, it is FDA approved. (For everyone 13+)

Animas Vibe
"The Animas Vibe insulin pump and CGM system combines state-of-the-art Dexcom G4 Sensing technology with high-performance Animas pumping. That means it gives you the features Animas pumps are known for, like waterproof durability, fine-tuned dosing and a high-contrast, self-illuminating color display. It’s also designed to streamline the whole CGM experience for you, while giving you a full-color view of how your glucose is behaving." - Animas UK Website
This is a Pump/CGM duo. It has Dexcom's sensor and Animas's pump power. It combines all of the Animas Ping's features with Dexcom's CGM features. One of the perks of Dexcom's technology for a CGM: the sensor lasts 7 days! It is also on my want list, but it is awaiting FDA approval.


One Touch Verio IQ
"It's the first meter ever that automatically alerts you to patterns you might not even know were there. Together with the One Touch Verio Gold Test Strip, this system gives people on insulin more information for less work, right in the palm of their hands." - One Touch Website
 This blood tester just looks fancy. It is a sleek white and can tell you when there are patterns in your blood sugar readings, it has a light where the test strip goes for easy testing at night, it has a LCD screen, holds up to 750 blood sugars in its memory, and only has 4 buttons. I want it..

Contour USB
"Plug into a whole new diabetes management experience" - Contour USB Website
This is my current blood tester, and its claim to fame is that it has a USB on it, so you can plug it into your computer, and with the software, it will chart for you. (I mean, no one likes charting..) It can also store 2000 blood sugars in its memory! 

Other Stuff

Pump Skins-

Medtronic has teamed us with to make Medtronic Pump Skins! They are super cute and come in tons of patterns; you can even upload your own picture to make a skin!

Animas also has their own skins, which slide on to the pump, rather than stick on, like Medtronic's. These are also protective cases.

Stuffed Pancreas/Pancreas Pin/Pancreas T-Shirt
Yes, your childish dreams have come true; there are now stuffed Pancreases! They are cute, fluffy, and come in small or pillow sized!

 There are also Pancreas pins, and a T-Shirt that says, "Gimme some sugar."

Lauren's Hope Medical ID Bracelets
I found out about these through Kerri's blog post. They are medical IDs that are actually stylish! They come in tons of different designs, for boys, girls, women, and men. They are so fashion-forward, and are much better-looking than the normal chain link IDs. You can get them with or without an ID made by them, so you can attach your regular id to their cute bracelets.

 (I would reccomend buying one of the cheap ones from Medic Alert [because they have your information and have all of your information if doctors need to call and find out more.] and putting them on one of their cute bracelets. C:)

I hope you enjoyed my little catalog of cool diabetes related stuff.
I wasn't payed to endorse any of these products, I just thought they were cool.

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