Sunday, September 22, 2013

Life Lately

I went to the endocrinologist on Wednesday and found out my A1C was 7.3 %; it went down .6 % from March and I think it went down .5 % from June, if I remember correctly. I was truthfully expecting my A1C to go up because I had been going high a lot in the afternoons, so that was a pleasant surprise. Kerri, my amazing dietitian, was who I saw on Wednesday. (I usually see my actual endo once or twice per year.) She told me I was doing a good job with measuring food and covering it, but I need to cover lunch 15 minutes before I eat at school so I avoid spiking after lunch. She also told me that I need to start exercising because, well, it is healthy to do. She said that if I have time to text my friends or go on the internet, then I have time to exercise. So now, I am being a good little diabetic and walking on the wondrous treadmill for 45 minutes every day. I'm multitasking by reading my blogs for 30 minutes than looking over notes for 15 minutes. Multitasking also distracts from the fact that I am being very gross and sweating, so it's all good. We also adjusted my basal so I wouldn't go high at night because that had been happening a lot lately. My basal adjustments lead to the fin experience I had last night. (1000 % sarcasm when dealing with the word fun, at the moment.)
It's not just a CGM picture today!
Last night, at around 10, my blood sugar was 63. I had a juice and Larabar and covered about 2/3 of the Larabar. I went up to 76, so I had some apple cider and covered it. I tested again and I was 70. I ate a another Larabar and covered some of it. Then I went down to 56. I stayed under 80 for another hour and I ate 112 carbs with no insulin (including disconnecting from my pump for an hour) before I went up to 110. I waited a little longer and then was 146. I was later awoken at 6 in the morning to my CGM beeping because my blood sugar was 372, so that was fun. I was pretty much expecting that because I ate 198 carbs total before my blood sugar stayed in range. I brought my basal down .025 from 9 -12 PM because of this lovely incident.

Moral of the Story: That was 1 glass of apple cider, 2 juices, 3 Larabars, and 8 glucose tabs. I was very full after that.

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