Monday, April 8, 2013

HWAMC Days 7 and 8: Sensationalize and Animals

Yesterday (when I forgot to blog) had a prompt that was all about sensations!
Here it is
What’s the most ridiculous thing you've heard about health or your condition? Where did you hear it and what did you think?
I think the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard about diabetes is that it is contagious. No one has actually told me they thought that, but I've so many blogs post about this awkward presumption about diabetes. I'm pretty sure that none of the chronic illnesses known to people at this time are contagious. Therefore, diabetes cannot possibly be contagious; after all, it is a chronic illness

And today's prompt is all about my one of my favorite things, animals!
If your health condition was an animal, what would it be? Is it a real animal or make believe?
Okay, every member of the DOC knows that unicorns are the mascot of the DOC, so diabetes would obviously be a unicorn. It wouldn't be a cute, innocent unicorn, though; it would be a queevil (cute + evil = queevil) unicorn. On the outside, most people think that the unicorn doesn't look that bad, sometimes it actually looks nice. When other people are gone, it turns evil. Giving you high blood sugars, low blood sugars, occlusions in pumps, dead spots, and so much other crap is deep inside the unicorn of doom.
The unicorn sends out good vibes to normal people, but stores bad vibes and gives the to diabetics.
Well, that's it for days seven and eight!

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