Tuesday, May 24, 2016

When Sisters Share Everything, Including Pumps

I'd like to categorize this under weird stories that only diabetics with diabetic friends would really understand. As soon as my dad witnessed this happen he told me that I had to put it on the blog. So here's a post for you, dad.

The other day, I was at my robotics team's banquet, which I had spent the last week planning and the 5 hours preceding the it buying food and making awards to make sure this event actually happened. In the midst of all of this errand running, my sister and I were home for about an hour, so I could make awards and we could both get ready. While frantically running around, finishing making awards, and stuffing four cheesecakes, two pans of baked ziti, and a bag filled with pictures and more all into a single car, my sister forgot her pump.

Of course, no one realized this until after we had gotten to our destination: a lake house 30 minutes away from our own home. Suddenly my sister looked and me and said, "Sarah, I forgot my pump." I looked through my tiny purse (life lesson: don't carry around a tiny purse, in case of emergencies) and realized that I didn't have any extra insulin or shots floating around. So, when it was time to finally eat, I did the most logical thing possible: I gave my sister insulin through my pump. Sketchy? Absolutely. Weird? Definitely. Successful? Yes.

Medically, I can't (and won't) recommend this to anyone. It just felt so weird and wrong on some sort of fundamental level, but it did technically work, so I can't disapprove of it too much. A few days later, we were sitting in the car drinking frappucinnos (which are now blacklisted, but that's a story for another day) and I made a comment about how my pump had run out of insulin. Anna offered me her pump for a quick bolus, but I laughed and declined. It was a only fifteen minute ride home and it wasn't worth committing another pump sacrilege.


  1. Handy though!!

    I have shared pens with friends before (with a different needle tip)

    1. My sister and I have done that too!


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