Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Air Travel

Back Story: I'm going on two airplanes tomorrow to get to Oregon.
Going through airport security always makes me cringe a little beforehand.

I've only had problems with the TSA once (which I'll talk about later), but so many other people have had horrible experiences with the TSA and it makes me worry every time I have to go through airport security.

Let's count the occasions that people have had bad experiences with the TSA!
  1. Kelly at the Philadelphia International Airport
  2. Kerri at Green Airport
  3. Kelly actually has a tag with eight (!) posts about the wonders of airport security.
  4. Google it and you will finds tons of other "lovely" stories about air travel.
I've also had a bad run-in with the TSA before. At the Atlanta Airport, I took off my pump and my dad gave it to the security officer (SO for short) and told him that it couldn't go through the x-ray machine or the metal detector. (It actually can, but I didn't know it at the time.) 

Guess what the SO did right after my dad told him not to put it through the metal detector.

If you guessed: put it through the metal detector, you are correct!

Nothing happened to my pump, but that made me extremely angry. (They could have permanently ruined my pump or voided the warranty, I thought.) Usually I ask for a pat-down, but I just didn't want one that time because they take up a lot of time and I would appreciate feeling somewhat normal in an airport full of other people that are awkwardly standing in line behind me. 

Do you see why I often get nervous when I go through airport security?

Moral of the Story: The TSA should get their act together, so 15 year old diabetic girls aren't nervous when flying.

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  1. The thing that most frustrates me is that it's an inconsistent experience. Each airport is different, and heck, even each experience at the same airport can be different. Makes it hard to know what to expect.


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