Saturday, July 21, 2012

You Can Do This Project

If you don't already know what the You Can Do This Project is, it is a project where people make videos for other diabetics, so they know that they are not alone, and that they can do it too! I made a video, and spent hours working on it, and know it is on the website! Yay! Click here to see my video on the YCDT website. I urge you to make a video for this amazing project, if you haven't already, because I love the idea of the project; it is very uplifting! Oh, and my favorite blogger, Kim from Texting My Pancreas, came up with this project!


  1. I am so flattered! Thank you, Sarah! (P.S. I have been in love with your blog header for months now. Quite possibly the most adorable thing I've ever seen.)

    1. You are so welcome, you rock! And if you wanted to know, the llama font is here: C:

  2. Sarah, I LOVED your video!

    You are awesome!

  3. Great video! Honest, spontaneous, very outgoing.... can't help but smile when I watch it. Nice job!


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