Monday, July 9, 2012

To a Certain Troll on the Ice Cream Social Facebook Page

This is to a certain troll on Lizmari's Ice Cream Social Facebook Page (Which you should totally RSVP to!),

[We know you are an addictions counselor] But does that give you the authority to tell all of these type 2 diabetics that if they eat something with sugar or carbs, that they will become addicted? No. That doesn’t. That comment is very offensive to me, and I am not even a type 2 diabetic. Basically what you are saying is that because our pancreases don’t produce enough insulin to convert carbs to energy, as soon as we eat them, we will be addicted? That makes absolutely no sense, and I hope you will just leave like you said you would. You obviously don’t understand the point of this ice cream social. Maybe you should read a little before you start telling people how to live their lives, because it was clearly stated that “Just to clarify... With this event, I am not advocating that you go eat more ice cream than you can handle, or than can fit with your dietary standards. Any person is welcome to eat a sensible portion, and if needed, bolus accordingly. :)”

Sarah (and Probably the Rest of the DOC.)

Moral of Story: Don't mess with the DOC.


  1. Some people are just looking to start something. Now, off to feed my addiction. ROTFLMBO

  2. Way to go, Sarah. This needed to be said and you said it well for all of us.


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