Friday, March 30, 2012

School does actually help!

So, I was surfing through my D-Blogs, when I see something on Diabetes Mine; I saw a picture of a chemical formula.
This is insulin!

It is: C254H377N65O76S6 , and I do know what that means.
It means 254 Carbon atoms, 377 Hydrogen atoms, 65 Nitrogen atoms, 76 Oxygen atoms, and 6 Sulfur atoms.No, I didn't look that up; I just know that, because we are working on the Periodic Table, bonding atoms, and etcetera. (All of their Oxidation numbers also add up to zero.)

We just had a test on it, too, and I got a 96, so you can trust me about this information.

In other school and diabetes related news:
My pump fell out of my pocket, and the tubing came out.
That was super attractive.

Moral of Story: School is *occasionally* helpful.

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